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Getting started


The integration is setup within PracSuite under Settings > Integrations > Healthengine. However you do need to notify us first so that we activate your listing for PracSuite integration on our end prior to setting it up there.




Our PracSuite integration requires that if setting up multiple locations (or Healthengine profiles/practice ID’s) each MUST be setup in PracSuite as a different location.

We cannot duplicate appointment books as this API integration only expects one practitioner to be linked to each appointment book and for it to be unique.

If your practice has one pracsoft instance/login but multiple Healthengine profiles, then you must ensure you only enable each practitioner at one location.

All Appointment Types must have a Linked PMS appointment type set in the practitioner types page of your Healthengine practice admin portal.


Practitioner books coming through but not publishing?


Firstly check the practitioner is set up in the integration on Helix, if they are not in here, then we won't read their availability.

You can check the practitioners are ticked on for online bookings under Pracsuite > Settings > Integrations > HealthEngine > Edit > Practitioners
To add a practitioner click on edit at the top and then the gear icon next to practitioners.


If the practitioner is not showing in the list of practitioners under integration, confirm the Business the practitioner is setup as is enabled in in Pracsuite > Integrations > HealthEngine > Edit > Practitioners


Lastly ensure you confirm the time/date that isn’t publishing exists, and online appointments are showing as enabled for the practitioner AND the schedule they wish to publish. To confirm this go into Pracsuite > Settings > Practitioners > Rosters

  • And Ensure the Online Appointments is enabled on a Practitioner Level
  • And ensure the Online Appointments are enabled on a Schedule Level


Booked Appointment Missing


For a more detailed log of appointment changes such as if or who deleted an appointment, go to the Appointments tab of a patient file in PracSuite.

In the list of appointments, use the plus icon to reveal the full audit log for the appointment.

The audit log will expand to show the fields changed as well as the old and new values.


Availability Missing


Availability is displayed based on the length of your default appointment type length in PracSuite. This can cause appointments that are below this default length to not show, AND cause 30-minute slots to only show as 1 slot, instead of 2 x 15-minute slots. To correct this ensure you have your appointment Lengths set up as the shortest length in PracSuite > Settings > Appointment Book > Appointment Types > Duration.




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