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Getting started


The integration is setup within Xestro under Admin > Integrations > Healthengine. When you click on Healthengine it will ask you ti enter your Healthengine practice ID which is found in the URL of your practice profile. This will get you to log into your account to complete the integration. However, you do need to notify us first so that we activate your listing for Xestro integration on our end prior to setting it up there.



  • You must have completed all of your Xestro configuration first.


  • Appointment types must be linked in Xestro - Admin menu - Appointment Book - Appointment Types (at top of card).

Any appointment types you want us to read need to have Healthengine added to the OPTIONS drop down in Xestro as shown below.


This is generally just the AVAIL type, however if you use a different type for your availability you should add Healthengine to that type. The integration will then read your appointment book and publish any unbooked slots with that type set in your Xestro diary.


  • The appointment types must also be linked in your practice admin portal under appointments setup> appointment types> practitioner types as shown in the example below.


If no Xestro appointment type is linked in the Linked PMS Appointment drop down then we would be unable to insert the appointment into your Xestro diary so it is important to ensure your types are always linked. 



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