Healthengine Partners with National Heart Foundation to Boost Heart Health Checkups Follow

How practices can get involved 

Part of a campaign effectiveness study


The Heart Foundation and Healthengine have joined forces to encourage patients to see their GP for a Heart Health Check.

The Heart Foundation will run a targeted social media campaign to selected geographical locations throughout July, encouraging patients to make a Heart Health Check booking via Healthengine.

Healthengine has notified practices in the campaign’s target areas about how they can maximise the campaign to increase their bookings.


How practices can get involved:

  • Publish Your Appointments: Ensure all available slots are listed on Healthengine. See our guide.

  • Enable Heart Health Check Appointments: Set up Heart Health Check appointment types in Practice Admin at this page in your Practice Admin account and follow these steps:
    • Go to Manage Practitioners
    • Edit Appointment Types
    • Create New Type
    • Name the appointment 'Heart Health Check'
    • Create 
    • Choose to allocate to all you practitioners or those applicable
    • Save
    • That's it!

  • Promote Heart Health Checks: Download and use our practice resources, including posters, social media posts and TV screen content - coming soon.

Part of a campaign effectiveness study

The impact of the campaign will be assessed as part of a study into the effectiveness of geographically targeted social media campaigns in healthcare.

To enable the Heart Foundation to measure the effectiveness of the campaign, Healthengine will disclose to the Heart Foundation the following non-identifiable aggregate data collected via the Healthengine booking widget embedded in the Heart Foundation’s social media posts including:

  • Number of click throughs from the social media post to Healthengine
  • Number of bookings made via Healthengine following a click through
  • Number of bookings attended
  • Postcode of the practice booked

Our team is here to support you. Please reach out for any help in the lead-up to the campaign for appointment setup, maximising the opportunity or email your request to opt out of the research study  here (your bookings will not be impacted if you opt out).

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