How to check you’re publishing all your appointments to maximise your booking opportunities Follow

Maximise your booking opportunities on Healthengine and provide patients with the range of choice they crave, by following these quick steps:

1. Check practitioners are publishing their availability

On the Healthengine Network:

  • Go to your Healthengine profile page
  • Select the drop-down to show ‘All practitioners’
  • Within the profile page, scroll down and check that the ‘Book’ button appears for all your practitioners
  • The book button will only appear if the practitioner has availability within your availability window (for example available 30 days in advance)

If anything doesn’t look quite right here, you can then review your Appointment Types setup:

  • Login to your Practice Admin account
  • Head to ‘Appointment Types’
  • You should have a view of all the appointment types available for booking
  • Hover over the practitioners to see who is publishing for those appointment types and make any necessary changes

If they aren’t publishing at all, check whether practitioners are linked to the correct book in your PMS.

  • Head to 'Manage Practitioners' and choose ‘Edit Appointment Types’ for the practitioner. This will show you which book they are currently linked to.

On your Online Bookings System widget

  • Go to your own website
  • Click on the 'Book Now' button
  • Click on the practitioner dropdown and view their availability
  • If anything doesn’t look quite right here, you can then follow the Appointment Types setup steps above.

2. Set your availability window as far in advance as possible

Give patients the flexibility and convenience to book an appointment in advance to suit their schedule.

Healthengine will automatically default this to 30 days, but you can extend it further, depending on your practice management software settings. Here’s how:

  • Practices using a PMS Integration - contact Healthengine support to make this change for you.
  • Practices using Healthengine Sidebar and Calendar (no PMS integration) - head to your Healthengine calendar to change the setting, following these instructions here.

Please reach out to Healthengine Support with any questions regarding the above.

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