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Healthengine has introduced a way for practices to configure their payment settings to allow patients to pay a deposit prior to their booking. With the release of Payment Requests, practices can now set up a pre-paid deposit prior to an appointment, and then use a Payment Request to collect the outstanding balance. 

To learn more about Payment Requests, visit this Help Centre Page.


Setting up an appointment to collect deposits

To allow patients to pay a deposit upon making a booking at Healthengine, you are first required to set the deposit payment setting against an appointment type. Healthengine has 3 options for payment; full prepayment, a deposit (partial pre payment) and post payment (post the appointment).


  • To start, log into practice admin, and navigate to Appointment setup > Appointment types


  • Find the row for the appointment type you want to add deposits too, click the three dots on the right and then click "edit payment details"


  • Click the toggle to activate payments to this appointment type, and then click Deposit as your collection option


  • You can now enter the amount you want to charge as a deposit. Please note there is a minimum for a deposit of $0.31 to ensure the Stripe fee is covered when a deposit fee is set


  • You will have the option to then copy this deposit setting to other appointment types if you'd like too as well


  • When you are done, make sure you click "save". You will know if this is done correctly since the appointment type will have an update in the payment column to say [price] (deposit)


It does take a few minutes for any of your changes to appear on the booking form, so please wait a few minutes before you check online.


What does the patient see when I'm using Healthengine's deposits?

There are a few changes to the usual booking form payment process when a patient is making a booking against an appointment that uses deposits.

The practice profile, the "About this practice" page stay the same, but when a patient is trying to select an appointment, the deposit value is clearly shown next to the appointment type.


The patient needs to enter their details into the booking form like normal, and when they reach the payment page the title clearly displays that this is a deposit.


The disclaimer on this page has also updated, informing patients that practices might choose to keep the deposit for a cancellation or non attendance fee. Your practice can then choose how they'd like to handle this process after the appointment time. Patients cannot proceed to booking until they pay their deposit.

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