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As part of your onboarding process to Healthengine, manual migration of your existing bookings will be required in the initial stage. This manual process is to be completed by the store.


Option 1 - Recreating a booking (Recommended)

Stores can choose to recreate their bookings in Healthengine.


Advantages Disadvantages
  • Allows stores to easily rebook future appointments for the patient without having to enter in their details again. 
  • Patients will automatically get Healthengine reminders for their upcoming appointments and will be able to cancel and reschedule.
  • Patients will be able to fill in pre-screening forms. Once filled this will be integrated with MedAdvisor.
  • Requires manual entry of patient booking details by the store which may be time-consuming depending on the volume.
  • Patients will get a Healthengine booking confirmation email and text message for their appointment which may cause some confusion for the patient.

  1. Under Appointments setup select Calendar’ and select the schedule where you want to create a booking.



  1. Click the 3 dots next to the time you require and select ‘Book Appointment’.



  1. A new page will open up with the booking flow. Select Continue:

(This page will only show for COVID Vaccinations other services go straight to who the appointment is for section in the booking flow)

  1. For the purpose of this manual migration, select that you are booking for ‘Myself’ and ‘No I’m new to this pharmacy’. Select the appropriate appointment type then click continue.
  2. Fill in the patient’s details and select ‘Continue’


  1. Finally, the last step is to add their Medicare number. You can skip this step and select ‘I do not have a medicare card’. Then select ‘Book appointment’ to finalise.

Option 2 - Using Blocked Schedules

Block out time in your existing Healthengine schedule by using our ‘Block schedule’ function.  Note:  This purely blocks out the time and does not enable access to patient booking information in Healthengine booking system


Advantages Disadvantages
  • Quicker process.
  • Can create blocks before you decide to create your schedules (Option 1, you need a schedule created before you can add a booking).
  • Patients won’t be sent pre-screening forms, so stores will still need to do this manually.
  • Patients can’t manage their own appointments (cancel or reschedule).
  • Stores won’t be able to rebook an appointment as easily if the patient needs another dose or a follow up appointment when they come into the store.

  1. In the Appointment setup tab select  ‘Calendar’, select the ‘Block schedule’ button.

  1. Select ‘All providers’ to ensure the booking is blocked out across all schedules. If you have multiple consultation rooms and don’t require the booking to be blocked out, uncheck the room accordingly.

  2. Ensure the date is correct and you have selected the correct appointment speciality:


  1. Select the start time:

  1. Using the ‘Reason for block’ section, input an identifier for the booking. 

E.g: ‘MedAdvisor Booking + booking ID’ or ‘GoBookings Booking + Booking ID’ Please Note: Do not add in any PII (Personally identifiable information) in this section including name, date of birth, phone number, email or address.

You can easily see the reason for the block by hovering over the 🛇 block schedule in the calendar:

Patient booking management during the migration

During this period, it is possible that patients will try to cancel or reschedule their appointment using the old system. Please ensure you keep an eye on any cancellation notifications (if you will still receive them) and adjust the booking in Healthengine accordingly.


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