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We’re making multiple invoices a thing of the past with one consolidated invoice for all your HealthEngine products.

Effective from March 1, 2018, you’ll receive one invoice for all of your subscription products and Patient Match.

Here are the other key changes, as shown in the new example invoice below:

  1. You’ll be sent your single, consolidated invoice on your customer anniversary date. Your customer anniversary date will be the start date of your highest value subscription product.
  2. Your first invoice in March will see your subscriptions aligned to your customer anniversary date and will be prorated to account for the change in billing cycle.
  3. Payment terms are now 7 days for all products, including Patient Match (previously 14 days).
  4. Patient Match
    1. Patient Match has changed from a calendar month billing cycle, to an anniversary date billing cycle. Your cycle now begins on your anniversary date (invoice date) and ends the day before you receive your next invoice.
    2. Your invoice will show Patient Match charges on one line, and all Patient Match credits on another line. Credits include DNAs, Not New’s, Cancellations, and SEM referrals, which can be viewed in Practice Admin on the 'Patient Match' page under the 'Marketing' tab.
    3. Your invoice may also show Patient Match credits from the previous month if they were made after the invoice was issued.
  1.  The 'Patient Match' page in Practice Admin will be updated to allow you to select billing periods, as well as calendar months.
  2.  Did-Not-Attends (DNA) - please refer to notes under the new example invoices below. 



If you’ve got any questions about the changes mentioned above, or questions in general, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team; at or by calling 1300 377 639.

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