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Understanding the 'History' page for Appointment Reminders!


The 'History' page lets you see all Appointment Reminder activity for the last 7 days, broken up per day. You can also view the last 14 days of activity, or the activity for one specific day within the last 30 days by using the filter options along the top of the screen. 


You can also filter the activity by the practice location and the appointment reminder status. Additionally, you can search for a specific patient or practitioner using the free text search box to the left of the filters bar. 

To find out more about a particular status, simply hover your mouse cursor over the status to get an explanation (see image below). 


Below is a list of all possible statuses and their explanations: 


If you would like to view all of your 'Confirmed' reminders in the last 7 days (or on a particular day) you can now quickly and easily do so by using the filters. 



Similarly, you can filter the activity to only see those reminders that have been cancelled and not rebooked by choosing the 'Cancelled' status from the filter options. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this feature, please contact our friendly Support team who will be happy to assist you. 



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