Where in Zedmed does Healthengine Recalls add notes? Follow

When a recall is processed through Healthengine Recalls, the system puts audit notes against the patient record in Zedmed. These are recorded in the 'History View' panel of the patient record, as pictured below.


Note that the 'Audit' feature must be active for these notes to show. You can hide the notes by clicking the 'Audit' button AuditIcon.png to switch off the feature. 



If your recall note is not appearing in the above section, press 'Search History', next to the 'History View' icon, to refresh the History View to show the most recent information; your recall note should now appear here.

All actions completed within the Healthengine Recalls system will be recorded here, including changes to the recall status and whether the patient was able to successfully verify their details and view the message for SMS recalls.

Please be aware that all notes recorded in Zedmed by the Healthengine Recalls system will begin with 'HE - '. This is to signify that the note was added by our system to make it easy to distinguish between these notes and any notes recorded in Zedmed by your practice.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact our friendly Support team who will be happy to assist. 


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