When you Receive an "Blocked access attempt" Email Follow

If you have received an email from us stating that an IP address has been blocked from accessing your Practice Admin account, this is because we have detected suspicious activity from the IP address stated in the email. 

IP address stands for "Internet Protocol address" and specifies the number assigned to your internet connection. It looks something like this: 2150.128.12. It will usually vary for each different network, e.g. your home network will have a different IP address than the network at your practice. 

Suspicious activity usually means an excessive number of login attempts were made within a short period of time. This is considered suspicious as it signals a high likelihood that someone is trying to gain unauthorised access to your account for malicious purposes. 

When this happens, the IP address is automatically blocked from accessing your Practice Admin account for the purposes of protecting your account. It will remain blocked until you choose to unblock it by following the link provided in the email. You should only unblock it if you are certain that the block was caused by yourself or a staff member at your practice. 

Note that your own access to the account will not be blocked unless you are attempting to access it from the blocked IP address. To determine what IP address you are accessing your account from, simply navigate to Google's web search and search for "what is my ip?". The first search result should be your IP address. 

Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team via phone, chat or email support@healthengine.com.au

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