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Where do I find Scripts?

Login to Prac Admin. On the side bar to go Products > Scripts

How do I add or remove a doctor for Script requests?

Go to Scripts > Scripts configuration > Select your participating doctors.

When patients go through the online Script request process, they are required to select a doctor to request their script from. Ideally, this will be their regular GP.

In the ‘Participating Doctors’ section of your settings, you will see your practices listed GPs. To enable Script requests for that doctor, simply use the toggle beside their name. You can turn doctors on and off in an instant, simply by updating the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ toggle.

Doctors that are accepting online script requests can also elect to be notified by email or PMS messenger when new script requests come through. You can add a doctor’s email in addition to your practice notification emails, but these doctors will only receive notifications specific to them.

How do the delivery options work?

Go to Scripts > Scripts configuration > Cost and Delivery.

Here you have the ability to select and control how and when your patients can pick up their prescriptions.

  • Pickup from Practice: Indicates that patients are able to select ‘pick up from practice’ when they choose to order a prescription online. When a patient chooses this option, ensure that you ask for the patient’s ID when they come to collect their prescription. Remember, the patient has already paid through Healthengine, so you do not need to charge them.
  • Post to Patient: Tick this option if you are happy to mail out prescriptions to the patient’s chosen address. This is particularly helpful for patients with mobility issues, patients that are travelling, or patients that live far away from your practice.
  • Fax to a nominated Pharmacy: When patients select this option on ordering, they are required to provide you with all the details you need to send the prescription to the right place. When a patient picks up their prescription, they will also need their ID.

How do I set my Response Time?

Go to Scripts > Scripts configuration > Cost and Delivery.

Your ‘Response Time’ indicates the maximum time a patient will have to wait for their prescription to be reviewed, and when it’s ready to be collected or be posted.

If your practice is particularly busy, set a realistic timeframe, some patient prescriptions might be urgent, so they will need to know if they should expect a wait time of 2 - 3 days.

You can always test and tweak your Response Time, but remember to keep it in check as patients will be notified of the time frame you set. If you set your response time to “2 business days”, patients will be expecting to pick up their prescription in 2 days time.

How do I set my pricing?

Go to Scripts > Scripts configuration > Cost and Delivery.

Simply navigate to ‘cost’ and enter in your chosen price. Patients will be charged this amount, including the $2.00 Healthengine service fee. The total cost a patient is charged will be visible to you.



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