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How do the payments work?

Healthengine uses Stripe, one of the best, globally recognised payment processing providers to provide the Scripts service. Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world trust Stripe with their online payments, and we’re proud to be working with a business that has security at the top of mind.  When patients make payments for their Scripts, Stripe pre-authorises the payment amount for 7 days. Payment is only captured once you hit “Approve” in Practice Admin. Funds are released back to the patient if you decline the request in Practice Admin or once the script request expires after 7 days. On the last day of each month Stripe will automatically payout all fees owing to you for Scripts approved during that month.

When does my practice get paid?

Funds that you have earned through online Scripts will get paid into your chosen bank account monthly on the last day of the month.

How do I track my payments history?

Go to Scripts > Scripts history.

A full history view, including a rundown of each order, is available in Practice Admin for your reconciliation and audit purposes. Once you’ve been paid, you’ll notice the ‘paid’ status and date alongside any approved Script requests. You can also view your Scripts history by date period and practitioner by selecting the relevant filters. To download your payout history, select the ‘download PDF’ button and follow the instructions.  

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