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How much should I charge patients?

Think carefully about setting the price of your online Scripts. Healthengine has done extensive research with customers on pricing online prescriptions, and we concluded that patients are willing to pay for the convenience as long as it wasn’t overly costly, or more expensive than prescriptions requested over the phone. Most patients deemed $20 and above too expensive. Privately billed patients may be willing to pay more. Ultimately, you know and understand your practice and patients best which is why pricing your own Scripts feature is at your discretion. Aligning your online Scripts price to that of an over the phone price is a great start. Refer to our Script user guide for further pricing considerations.

Why does the patient pay a $2 service fee?

The $2.00 service fee covers Healthengines administration costs to provide patients with a secure platform to order and pay for prescription requests online. This includes transaction fees from our payment provider, SMS charges and other administration costs.

When patients get to the checkout for their Script, they will be able to see the payment split between what your practice charges and the additional $2 fee. 

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