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1 February 2019

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Patient 360 plans for General Practice (GP).

HealthEngine Patient 360 is our all-in-one patient engagement solution designed to help improve your General Practice efficiency and patient experience.

You can get started for free with our Essentials plan, or upgrade to our Premium plan for an affordable fixed monthly fee from $29 per practice, with free SMS so you have peace of mind as your practice grows. All plans are month-to-month, with no lock-in contracts or set up fees.

Patient 360 combines current practice favourites (we’ve simply renamed Reminders to Reminders Plus, and Patient Pulse to Feedback), with all new features such as our new 24/7 online repeat scripts solution.

We'll be getting in touch with customers to explain what the changes mean for your practice.



 What are some of the changes?

  • No more per FTE billing. We’ve got you covered with a simplified, low monthly per practice charge.
  • More value, combining practice favourites like the Online Booking System with new features like Scripts, and more to come.
  • No more growing pains with pricing capped at $109 per practice per month for practices with 6 or more practitioners.
  • Choose what you’ll use. We understand that every practice has different needs, so you can activate all or just some of your included features.


Is the free Essentials plan a limited time offer?

No - the core features of Patient 360 are free for General Practices. This includes online bookings, online repeat prescriptions, appointment reminders and patient feedback.


Who is eligible for Patient 360?

Patient 360 is currently available to General Practice (GP) only.


Do I need to use all the features in the Patient 360 plans?

No - while we encourage you to use all our product features to improve your patient experience and practice efficiency, we understand that every practice has different needs. You can choose to activate or deactivate features at any time.


How does the pricing for the standard plan work?

Practices are charged a fixed monthly fee based on whether they are a small, medium or large practice. Pricing starts from $29 per month for a small practice with 1 - 2 practitioners; $69 for a medium practice with 3 - 5  practitioners; and $109 for a large practice with 6 more practitioners. All plans are month-to-month, with no lock-in contracts or set up fees.


What’s the main difference between the two plans?

Our Patient 360 plan is an all-in-one patient engagement solution, offering more features and customisation. It includes everything in the Essentials plan in addition to Recalls Plus and customised Reminders, Check-Ins, New Patient Forms, Feedback & Reviews, Scripts.


What’s the difference between Reminders and Reminders Plus?

With Reminders, you can send an SMS, email or in-app notification to all your patients - regardless of how they booked. Patients have the option to confirm via SMS or cancel the appointment by calling the practice. Reminders Plus offers more customisation and control over your reminders, practitioner and appointment types, SMS templates and the option for patients to confirm, cancel and rebook their appointments all via SMS or in-app.

Why has HealthEngine made the Essentials plan free?

We believe it’s a win-win situation for HealthEngine, patients and the healthcare industry.

  • Supports patients: Our vision is that all Australians have the convenience to easily find, connect and manage their healthcare providers, all in one place. By making online bookings free, GPs can improve their patient experience by offering appointments on their website and the HealthEngine app.
  • Supports the industry: We recognise that healthcare providers are under increasing financial pressure and face rising costs. We don’t want to penalise practices that want to digitise their patient experience and improve efficiency, but are not in a financial position to adopt the latest technologies. We want to make digital technology less risky for practices and remove cost as the barrier to adoption.
  • Introduces practices to HealthEngine: Our free Patient 360 plan allows practices to get a head start in their digital journey, with the option to upgrade to our Premium plan for additional features and customisation or to take up our marketing solutions if they ever need help to fill their books or grow their practice in the future.
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