How do I change a mobile number under my account? Follow

To change your mobile number, log into your account on our website by hovering over the login link and selecting patient login.


Once logged in, you will see your username at the top of the page. Hover your mouse over it and select 'My Account'.


Click on the profile who's mobile number you need to change.


This will take you to the "About Me" section where the mobile is, if it is your primary account and the mobile number has not been verified, you can edit it here. You can also verify it to save time verifying it within the booking form when you book an appointment. 


If your number has been verified to your account, you cannot change it on our website, and it must be done through the app, however ensure you have verified your email address here first. Alternatively you can still edit it within the booking form when booking an appointment. 


If you download the HealthEngine app, you can change your mobile number after you have set a passcode for your account, or during the passcode setup process as shown here. Please note that your email address must be verified on our website first.

Should you encounter any issues following the above steps, please get in touch with us here OR email

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