Why is my "Change Password" email not working? Follow

If you have gone to change your password via the HealthEngine app or Website, our system sends you a direct email to your designated inbox (the email assigned to your primary account profile which you have signed up with) and from this point you simply follow the prompts to change your password and then regain access to your account.

It is important to note that the email we prompt is only valid for two hours. After this time the token will be invalid and you will have to re-prompt another email via the website/app again. If you make multiple requests please ensure you are looking at the latest email for it to work. 

  • If you have encountered the above issue then please click on this link to enter your email address again and prompt another "Change Password" email.

In a circumstance where you have accessed the link within two hours and you are encountering an issues, please get in touch with us here OR email patienthelp@healthengine.com.au

If you cannot find the email and are using gmail, please note that your HealthEngine emails may go to your social or promotions folders so you may need to check there. 


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