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HealthEngine has Appointment Reminders utilised within our booking platform which practices have the ability to activate. As a part of the HealthEngine booking system, email reminders are an automated part of using the booking platform, we cannot switch this off.

There are also SMS reminders which are prompted via your practice and powered by the HealthEngine server.

HealthEngine’s data security and privacy policies apply – the privacy and security of both the practice and your patient data is our priority. We only fetch the mobile number, name, email address, and appointment time of the upcoming appointment for the sole purpose of sending them an appointment reminder SMS. No other identifying information or medical information is sought in this process. All information is transmitted securely to HealthEngine, and no information is ever passed on to a third-party.

As the reminder SMS is sent from the contact details in a practices practice management software, it may go to a different number than the one entered in the HealthEngine booking form. If this number is incorrect, please contact your practice so they can update your patient file. 

You can opt-out of being contacted via SMS with an appointment reminder by contacting your practice directly and asking them to add you to their HealthEngine Communication Block list in their practice portal. If you are a practice and want to see how to do this, please click here.


Should you have any further concerns or questions get in touch with us at patienthelp@healthengine.com.au

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