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This article explains what Reminders Plus looks like from the patient perspective, covering the in-app, SMS, and email user journeys. 

App Journey

A reminder is sent to the Healthengine app (iOS only). 

The patient finds the reminder with their appointment details and the option to 'Confirm' or 'Cancel' the appointment.


Once a patient confirms or cancels their appointment, they are sent a further in-app message confirming their action. If the patient has cancelled, they are prompted to re-book their appointment directly through the reminder.

SMS Journey

A reminder is sent to the patient's mobile via SMS. 

The default SMS template is as per below. 

"Hi {{FIRST_NAME}}, you have an appointment on {{APPOINTMENT_DATE}} at {{APPOINTMENT_TIME}} at {{PRACTICE_NAME}}. Reply YES to confirm or NO to cancel."


This template can be customised to suit your practice within the 'Preferences' in your Reminders Plus dashboard in Practice Admin. 

The patient can confirm their appointment by replying with any of the below.

y | ye | yes | yeah | ok | okay | confirm | confirmed

The patient can cancel their appointment by replying with any of the below. 

n | no | nope | cancel | cancelled

Any other responses won't be recognised by the Reminders Plus system and will be recorded in the 'To Action' list in your Reminders Plus dashboard in Practice Admin for your review. 


A follow-up SMS is sent to patients after they confirm or cancel to confirm their action. If your practice has the Online Booking System and/or Patient Match, a link to the Healthengine app is provided in the SMS following cancellations to help patients to re-book their appointment for another time. 

Email Journey

An email reminder is sent to the patient, provided they have a valid email address in their patient record in your Practice Management Software. 

The email reminder contains the details of the patient's appointment; however, the patient cannot confirm or cancel their appointment via the email. It is simply a courtesy reminder message. 



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