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In your Reminders Plus Preferences you can customise and configure your Reminders Plus feature to send crafted message reminders for specific practitioners, appointment types, times and more!

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Choose Reminders Time

In this section of Reminders Plus Preferences, you can choose what time of day and the amount of time prior to the patient's appointment that your reminders are sent out to all those with upcoming appointments. You also have the ability to send a second reminder.

Please Note: For second reminders, there must be at least 1 day between the first and second reminder sent to patients.



Choose Location

If your practice has multiple locations, you can choose to send reminders specific to the practice you are viewing in Practice Admin. The locations in your list are read from the locations in your Practice Management Software. 

Please Note: If you select 'No Location' then your reminders will not send to patients - you can use this if you ever need to pause reminders for whatever reason.


Choose Practitioners

If you have appointment books set up in your Practice Management Software for walk-ins, nurses, vaccinations etc., you may not want to send reminders to these patients. Selecting 'Specific Practitioners' in your Reminders Plus Preferences will allow you to select specific practitioners for your reminders to send for. 

If your reminders are not sending for a practitioner, chances are they are not ticked in this section of Reminders Plus Preferences.

Please Note: Every time a new practitioner is added to your Practice Management Software, it will need to be ticked in here if you have 'Specific Practitioners' enabled.

Similarly to the Choose Location setting, if ‘No practitioners’ is selected, no reminders will send.



Choose Appointment Types

The 'Choose Appointment Types' setting in Reminders Plus Preferences allows you to choose which reminders are sent out for specific appointment types. Like with choosing a practitioner or location, you can select all for reminders to be sent out for all appointment types.

However, if you don't want specific appointment types to send, select 'Specific Appointment Types' and toggle this to your practice's needs. In this case, if you create a new appointment type in your Practice Management Software, it will need to be selected to be able to send.


Choose Appointment Types - No Cancellations

This setting is designed to allow your practice to prevent patients from cancelling specific appointment types from their reminder message. If the patient does try to cancel one of these appointments, a message will come back to them saying it has not been cancelled and they need to call the practice.

Selecting ‘All appointment types’ will mean patients cannot cancel any appointments from the reminder.

Selecting ‘No appointment types' will allow patients to cancel ANY appointment from the reminder.

Selecting ‘Specific appointment types’ will allow your practice to select which appointment types they DO NOT want the patient to be able to cancel through the reminder. 


SMS Reminders Consent Settings

Ticking this box allows us to read the SMS consent settings from the Practice Management Software you are using.

Best Practice Jade Users Please Note: This MUST be unticked as this does not allow third-party integrations to access their consent settings, regardless of whether or not they are official partners with Best Practice. 

As a reminder is a transactional message pertaining to a health service the patient has booked, legally, patient consent is not required.



Reminder Email Templates

This preference gives you the option to select an email template for your reminders! The default is set to send the Healthengine branded emails however you can change this to use your practice's branding.

This will use the image you have uploaded into your logo image in the Patient Connect Profile - to read more about this, check out our Help Centre article, Adding and Editing Images in Practice Admin


Edit SMS Message

Here, your practice can edit what is written in your SMS reminder. Please ensure you use the buttons to add names and times rather than hard coding this in by free-typing as the reminder cannot be customised any other way. 

Please Note: The 'Reply YES to confirm and NO to cancel.' is hardcoded within Healthengine's and this cannot be changed.

If your practice has set reminders to send out more than 1 day ahead of an appointment, you will need to use the long date and time in your SMS message.



If you experience any issues or need assistance with making changes, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team via phone, chat or email

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