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Does Reach integrate with my Practice Management Software (PMS)?

Integration with PMS vendors is currently unavailable but coming soon for GPs!


Is there a limit to how many messages I can send in 1 campaign?

Our product is in its early stages and we are developing a better understanding of usage and the implied costs. In order to make this product sustainable and fit for purpose (achieving its intended outputs and not having a negative effect on patient satisfaction with their practice), we will shortly be imposing limits on how many SMS messages your practice can send.


Is there a limit to how many campaigns I can send out or how often I can send out campaigns?

See above.


How much does Reach cost?

Reach is included in our Patient360 Premium plan for general practice, which starts from $29 per month per practice.


Who is eligible to purchase Reach?

Reach is currently available to GPs only. Stay tuned for further information on future availability for Allied and Dental practices.


Do SMS messages come from my practice or from HealthEngine?

Messages always come from your practice, not from HealthEngine. You can customise your “from” name during the setup process. Due to strict SMS carrier regulations, each “from” name has a limit of 11 characters.


How do patients opt out of receiving messages?

Each Reach SMS has an opt out link. Patients that click on the link will be automatically unsubscribed from future SMS messages via HealthEngine Reach.


How long does it take for my SMS campaign to send?

We’ll start sending your SMS messages as soon as you click “Send message”.  Depending on the number of message recipients, it may take up to a few hours for patients to receive their SMS if is a large list of numbers. Note: Messages are not sent between 8pm – 10am AEST.


How do I connect my Online Bookings?

If you accept online bookings on your HealthEngine Profile, Reach will automatically link to your profile once you select the ‘insert booking link’.  You can manually update the link if you prefer to direct patients to your website however we may not be able to track the success of the campaign if you add your own link. Tracking shows you the number of clicks and bookings patients made directly as a result of the campaign you sent out.


Can I use pre-defined templates?

Yes - Currently you can only send templates. These currently include

  • Flu Vaccine (Free)
  • Flu Vaccine (Paid)
  • Measles Vaccine

We will be adding more templates for you to use in the future. We would love to receive feedback from customers on templates they feel would be beneficial to their practice for future consideration.


Can I send my own campaign content?

No - Since our product is in it's early stages we restrict usage only to proven templates. This is to ensure messages are relevant, aren't sent too often and ultimately we limit the number of patients who opt out due to receiving content too frequently or content that is not relevant to them.

That said we know you value creating your own content and as such we will be looking to open this functionality up again in the future. 


Can I send email campaigns?

Email campaigns are currently not available. However, we’re always looking to improve our products and services, and may make this available in the future.


Can I save a draft campaign?

Yes, draft campaigns can be saved! Simply start the campaign creation process. If at any point you click ‘Save’, you will exit the editing screen and you should see your campaign under ‘Draft campaigns’ in your Reach Dashboard.  


Can I stop a message after I’ve already pressed send?

You cannot stop, or pause a Reach campaign after you have already clicked the final ‘Send SMS’ button. Before you send a campaign, a final preview will always be displayed as your patients will see it in the form of a mobile view. Make sure you double check your message before you click send.


How should I format my CSV file?

Export the patients’ phone numbers only as a common separated values (csv) file. The first line should be the heading. Phone numbers can start with +61, 61, 04 or even 4. We’ll automatically check your imported mobile numbers for duplicates and incorrectly formatted numbers and will exclude any people who have previously unsubscribed via HealthEngine Reach.


How do I choose who to send my SMS campaign to?

You should always have a specific audience in mind to ensure that any messages you send are timely and relevant. Consider factors such as your patients’ age, gender, location, life stage, and health conditions.  For example, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you may send your campaign to women over 50.

You know your patients best, so use your discretion to decide who will likely benefit from receiving your message. Remember, patients will most likely have a higher opt out rate if you send too many messages or your messages are deemed irrelevant.


Do I need the patient’s permission to send marketing or promotional messages?

Yes – if the message contains an advertisement, or links to an advertisement, it is considered to be commercial in nature. To send commercial messages, you must have the recipients’ permission.


Messages that are determined to be a “designated commercial electronic message” are partially exempt under the Spam Act. Designated commercial electronic messages include messages that contain no more than factual information and can be sent without the permission of the recipient, and do not require an unsubscribe facility. The name, logo and contact details of the business are not deemed ‘commercial’ information in factual messages. For example, recalls are considered designated commercial electronic messages as they do not contain commercial material.

For a useful overview of how to comply with the Spam Act and the different ways in which practices can obtain or infer consent from their patients please see

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