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Who can I send messages to?

Under Australian law, you must have the consent of an individual if you are going to send them an electronic message to advertise your services. Permission can be given expressly, or in limited circumstances, it can be implied. Inferred consent is when consent is implied by certain circumstances. For example, an existing relationship with a patient who attends appointments at the practice and there is a reasonable expectation by the patient of receiving a commercial message from you.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend only contacting patients aged 16 or above.


Who should I send message to?

The easiest way to answer this question is by asking “Who is likely to benefit from receiving this message?

If you are sending a campaign to remind men over 50 to have their prostate checked, you should ensure that you are not messaging women, men under 50 or men who have recently had their prostate checked.

On the other hand if you are messaging about flu vaccines or skin checks, these may be broadly applicable to the majority of your patient base.


What kind of messages should i send?

A great way of thinking about this is the acronym TAR.

  • Timely - Sending an SMS marketing campaign for a flu vaccine in November is about as useful as a sword in a gunfight. Aim to send campaigns that can be actioned immediately by patients.
  • Actionable - This only applies to marketing messages. Essentially, if you are informing a patient about flu vaccines, what is the next action you want them to take? If you want the patient tobook an appointment, then you should make this super easy by adding a “Book now” link.
  • Relevant - Is this message useful information for your audience? So useful that it’s worth SMS messaging them?

How often should I send messages?

Remember the boy who cried wolf? The fable about the boy who called out so often that when he eventually called out in genuine distress, nobody listened. Don’t be that boy. Even if you send a useful message to the right audience they may have been preconditioned to ignore messages from you due to the sheer number of messages they are receiving from your practice.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend sending no more than one marketing campaign message to the same patient every 8 weeks.


Opt out facility

All marketing messages sent from HealthEngine Reach will automatically have an unsubscribe facility available to recipients of that message. Once a patient opts out of receiving marketing messages fromHealthEngine Reach, you will no longer be able to send any further marketing messages to that patient.

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