How do I pull patient mobile numbers out of my clinical software package? Follow

The earliest version of Reach does not integrate with clinical software. You will need to understand how to extract the mobile numbers you want to message from your clinical software and save them in a CSV file.

This article is designed to help users of Best Practice who have not upgraded to Indigo Service Pack 1.

If you use a different type of clinical software we recommend using Cat4 to extract the information you need or contacting your provider to guide you through how to get the information you would like into a CSV file format. Further information can be found here

We will be offering integration with major GP clinical software providers soon! So if you find this version difficult to use, sit tight.


How to extract all active patient mobile numbers who are above 18 and have consented to SMS reminders for Best Practice (Excluding the latest Service Pack update for Indigo)

1. Open up Best Practice. Navigate to Utilities and then Search.


2.  Delete the content in the box where it says "SQL Query:" Copy and paste the text below directly into the query field to retrieve all active patients who are 18 or above and who have consented to SMS reminders.

FROM BPS_Patients a
inner join PATIENTS p on a.InternalID=p.INTERNALID
WHERE StatusText = 'Active' 
AND a.DOB < DateAdd(Year, -18, GetDate())
ORDER BY a.surname, a.firstname


3. Click on "Run query". You should see a list of all patients who have consented to SMS reminders, are set as "Active" and are aged 18 years or older. (Note I have blocked out the names, addresses and mobile numbers in the image below. You should see names, addresses and mobile numbers when you are up to this point in the exercise)


4. Click on the floppy disk image in the top left hand side of your screen.


5. Choose where you would like to save the file and ensure that you save the file as a CSV. Other saved formats are not compatible with the Reach product.


6. You are now ready to create your campaign inside Practice Admin. For instructions on how to create your campaign please click here 




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