Blocking a patient from booking online Follow

We have recently released the ability for you to blacklist patients from booking online through your self-serve portal.

To block a mobile phone number from booking online, please log into your Practice Admin portal and follow the instructions below:


1. Go to your Settings tab




2. Select 'Blocked phone numbers'




3. Enter the relevant mobile number




4. Select 'Block phone number' for the number to add to your blacklisted numbers. 

Please note that only mobile numbers can be blocked.




Note: If a patient attempts to book online with a blacklisted mobile number, the patient will not be informed that they have been blacklisted by the practice. Instead, the booking form will force them to call your practice to book so you can discuss your concerns over the phone. 


To remove a mobile number from your blacklist, please log into your PracticeAdmin portal and follow the below instructions: 


1. Go to your Settings tab

2. Select 'Blocked phone numbers'

3. Find the relevant mobile number

4. Press the bin icon under 'Actions'

5. This mobile number has now been removed from the blacklist and will now have the ability to book online with your practice using this mobile number. 


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