Web Plugins don’t work on my website, what else can I do? Follow

If you are having trouble with the web plugin appearing on your website, there is another way that you can add the book now button.


In your website editor, import the image of the book now button you would like to use. You can create your own, or save one of ours from the Appointments setup> Website Plugin page in your practice admin portal.


Once you have imported the image and placed it where you want it on your web page, simply add a link behind the image using the same URL you can use on your Facebook call to action button. That is, type in the following URL and add your practice ID at the end of it e.g https://healthengine.com.au/book/12345 (in this example 12345 would be your practice ID). To find your actual practice ID, go to your Practice Admin page and find the numeric code in the URL.


Once you have saved and published your website, patients will be able to book by clicking on the image you have added. You could also add a text link if you are unable to use an image.

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