A step by step guide to install the OBS Web Plugin using your WordPress website Follow

  1. Login to website through Wordpress

  2. Ensure that you have the latest version of Wordpress

    1. This plugin is compatible with Wordpress version 5.0.2 and later

  3. Navigate to https://wordpress.com/plugins/healthengine-online-booking-widget-installer/

    1. Or search for "Healthengine" in the wordpress Plugin Library

  1. Install or download the plugin

  1. Once installed, head to the side menu in the Wordpress interface

    1. Just above Plugins, there should be a section for ‘Appearance’ - click here and then click 'Widgets'.

  1. Once in the Widgets section, look for the Healthengine plugin

  2. Right click the plugin & add the plugin into the Footer panel of the page

  1. Once here, configure your fields for the plugin

    1. Select button type or the fixed widget

    2. Add Practice ID into the field

      1. Ensure that this is correct, otherwise incorrect appointment times will appear & you could drive bookings for another practice. You can find your practice ID in the URL when logged in to your HealthEngine practice admin portal as shown in the screenshot below. 

    3. Save your changes



If you are having issues adding your plug in this way, please see the following article: Adding online bookings using a URL.

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