PracticeAdmin - How Can I Reset My Password? Follow

Unable to access your PracticeAdmin portal or Sidebar?

Have you recently changed staff and need to update your password?

Did you go away on holiday and enjoyed the break so much that you forgot your password?


Not to fear, we can get you back into your PracticeAdmin portal, or Sidebar, in no time!


To reset your PracticeAdmin password, please go to and press the 'Forgot your password?' link



You will then be brought to a new page where you can enter your email address and send a password reset link to your email. From your email, follow the prompts to enter a new password.



Alternatively, if you are unable to remember password and use Google Chrome, you may be able to recover your current password by following the below steps:


1. Open Google Chrome

2Click on the 3 dots at the top right-hand side of the window


3. Select 'Settings'



4. Go to 'Passwords'



5. Search for 'healthengine' at the top right-hand side search bar 

6. Click on the 'eye' icon to Show Password 



7. You may need to enter your computer's login details before Google will display the password

8. Once verified, your Google will then reveals your password as it is currently saved to your computer.  


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