Ongoing Loss of Connectivity with the Healthengine Appointment Connector Follow

If you are having ongoing issues with a loss of connectivity with your Healthengine Appointment Connector, the first point of call would be to check that you have a stable internet connection and that the computer that your Appointment Connector is installed on, isn't being turned off outside of business hours. 

If you have an IT consultant, they should be able to assist you with looking into your internet connection and any firewall blocks that may be preventing the Appointment Connector software from successfully running and connecting to your Practice Management Software.

If you are having trouble restarting the service, or the Appointment Connector keeps stopping, please try adding the Windows Administrator login to the Appointment Connector service:


1. Log onto the practice server and click on Start Menu 

2. Search for ‘Services’ 

3. Click on ‘Services’ (gear cog icon)



4. Double-Click on the 'Healthengine Appointment Connector'

5. Go to the second tab 'Logon'

6. Add Windows Administrator login 

7. Press 'Apply'



8. Restart the Appointment Connector. 

  • Go back to the first tab 'General'
  • If the service says 'Running', please press 'Stop' wait for it to load, then press 'Start'
  • If the service says 'Stopped' please press 'Start'. 

9. Once running, please check that there is information populating in the 'View Log' in the Systray Monitor.


- The Systray Monitor can be found by searching for ‘Systray Monitor’ in the Start Menu


- Click on Systray Monitor (a blue and green H icon will appear in the system tray at the bottom right-hand side (near the date & time)) 



- Right-click on the Systray Monitor icon

- Select 'View Log'

- A log will pop-up; there would be information populating into this box.



Our recommendation would be to also ensure that the Healthengine Appointment Connector is added to the inclusion or exclusion list for your anti-virus software; each anti-virus software is different and will refer to its scan exemption rules as either an 'inclusion' or 'exclusion' list.

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