Enabling Healthengine as Third-Party Integration for Best Practice Jade Follow

 If you have recently updated to Best Practice Jade, there are a few new steps you need to take to set Healthengine up as a third-party integration for your practice so that we can continue accessing your Best Practice software for products and services such as online bookings via the Online Booking System, online bookings via the Healthengine Network, Recalls, Reminders, Scripts and other products.

The below steps are a quick and easy guide on how to enable Healthengine as a third-party integration in your Best Practice and apply those new partner credentials.


1. Open Best Practice

2. Go to ‘Setup’

3. Select ‘Configuration



4. Select ‘Database’ from the left-hand side menu 



5. Click on ‘Setup third-party integrations’



6. Tick ‘Healthengine’

7. Press ‘Save’

8. Press ‘Save’ in the Configuration box


9Once this change is saved, please follow the instructions outlined in the following article to restart your Healthengine Appointment Connector to apply the Healthengine partner credentials.


Note: Your Healthengine Appointment Connector may take a few minutes to restart.


10. The process is now complete; Healthengine is now an allowed third-party integration for your practice!


If you have any difficulties or questions throughout this process, please contact our Customer Support Team at support@healthengine.com.au 

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