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Calendar is an appointment publishing tool that takes the manual effort out of publishing your appointments online. 

Using Calendar, you can create your practitioners' schedules and set them to repeat each week or each fortnight, either on every day of the week or on certain days of the week. These schedules can repeat forever or until a date chosen by you.


Additionally, you can set your preferred publishing window so that patients will only ever be able to book their appointments however many days in advance best suits your practice. A default of 28 days in advance is applied until you change it. 

Calendar also has a fresh, new-look interface to make the appointment publishing experience more enjoyable. 

Best of all, you can check out what appointment times will be published online before they're published so that your online appointments are always correct!

To get started, simply navigate to Settings > Manage availability > Calendar in your Practice Admin account and click the "Create schedule" button. 

If you would like to learn more about how to use Calendar, click here to see our related help article. 

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