What are Practice Policies and how do I add one to my booking form? Follow

Practice policies are a note to your patients that appear at the beginning of the booking form. You can use the practice policies to notify your patients of important information prior to booking their appointment. 


The types of policies you can include are: 

  • cancellation / non attendance policies, 
  • billing policies, 
  • new patient policies, 
  • drug prescription policies, 
  • covid 19 policies 
  • and any other general policy the patient should know before booking their appointment. 


To add your practice policies, log in to your practice admin portal and you will find it in settings> practice policies.



There are a range of templates to choose from for each area, or you can customise your own. 


Please note that your practice policies cannot include phone numbers, web addresses, or any detail directing your patient to book outside HealthEngine. 


We will show the standard billing policy by default, otherwise you can enter your own personalised policy and hit the submit for approval button at the bottom of the page.


The practice policies go to the support team for approval so please allow time for that to be completed before it appears on the booking form. 


The practice policies will appear at the start of the booking form as so:



PLEASE NOTE: On the HE App, the practice policies appear at the end of the booking form after patients enter their details. 


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