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Our integration with SOE requires that all the appointment types you have listed on HealthEngine are linked to an appointment type in your Exact, Oasis, or Dentrix PMS (known as booking reasons) and that the lengths match those set up in your system for that booking reason. If they are not linked or the lengths do not match, the booking will fail. Below are some common troubleshooting questions we are asked:


How to link your appointment types and set the correct length

You link your appointment types in your practice admin portal under settings> manage practitioners> edit appointment types. If you have a HealthEngine appointment type created that is not linked to an Exact booking reason the booking will fail. Below is what it looks like if appointment types are linked:


You also need to ensure that the appointment type length in HealthEngine matches the length of the appointment in SOE for the practitioner you are linking it to. In Exact, this is known as Online Appointment duration as shown below. Please ensure each of your practitioners appointment types are linked and the lengths match those that are set up in your Exact web setup. This is found in Exact under Configure> Online Appointments> Web Setup. Select a booking reason and click the 'Ed' button then select your practitioner and click the 'Ed' button. 



In Dentrix the booking reasons are called appointment reasons and are found in your settings> scheduling template> appointment reasons. The same principle applies however the reasons and lengths are set for all practitioners rather than individually. Oasis is the same.



My SoE booking reasons are not showing up in the Linked PMS Appointment drop down.

If you don't see your SOE booking reasons listed in the drop down we will need to do a refresh of your Linked PMS Appointment types - Use the below button which is found at the top of the edit appointment types page to do this.



I want my Hygienist available for online bookings but they are not appearing in the Appointment Book drop down.



If you experience this issue, take a look at the booking reasons in your SOE PMS Web Setup. If there is a HealthEngine booking reason that has been created for you, simply add your Hygienist to that booking reason. If you do not see a HealthEngine booking reason then your integration is using the first booking reason in the list as your default, or we have manually assigned a default in the back end. (Please note if you have marketing reasons set up, it will be using your marketing booking reason as the default if no HealthEngine reason is found.)


You will need to add your hygienist to that appointment type or if that is not possible you can create a HealthEngine booking reason and add all practitioners to that one so that it can accommodate both your dentists and hygienists. Make sure the HealthEngine booking reason is written as shown:


If you make a change to your booking reasons, please allow time for the updates to flow through to HealthEngine, and then you will be able to select your appointment book.

Please note: If you create a HealthEngine booking reason you may need to reconnect all practitioners appointment books. Check your appointments on HealthEngine half an hour after any changes to ensure the correct availability is showing. If you need help with this please contact our support team.


Only some of my appointments are showing online?

If you don't see all your availability online, it could be that you don't have appointment stacking ticked in your SoE PMS. If appointment stacking is not ticked only the first available slot after a break ill be published. This is typically 2 each day (the first available in the morning and the first available after your lunch break in the afternoon)



My Patient said they cancelled their appointment but it is still in my appointment book?

Our integration with SOE does not allow online cancellations through HealthEngine. If a patient tries to cancel their appointment through their booking confirmation they will be directed to call the practice and cancel over the phone. When they call you must manually remove the appointment from your appointment book, this may redisplay the time online for someone else to book. 


How do I block availability showing on HealthEngine in Dentrix?

In Dentrix, to block availability you can add an appointment or do not book slot to the time slot you do not wish to publish on HealthEngine. When doing so, you must ensure that you assign a practitioner to the slot, even a do not book slot,  in order for it to block the availability on HealthEngine. 


Why have my apppointments dissapeared after I changed an appointment reason in Dentrix?

For your Dentrix/Ascend integration, we may choose a default appointment type to pull through your appointment books as you cannot rearrange the order of your appointment reasons in Dentrix/Ascend. This would be the shortest length appointment you have, and one that is associated with all your practitioners so that we can pick up their appointment books.

If you delete that appointment reason, it would then sever our connection to your appointment books. If this occurs please contact us and let us know which appointment reason you removed from Dentrix so we can check if it is your default one and if so, assign a different one as the default. If your practitioners don't do the same appointment reasons, it may be worthwhile creating a HealthEngine appointment reason, setting the length the same as your shortest appointment length, and letting us know so that we can use that for your default. 


All my availability from Dentrix/Ascend is not displaying online?

With Dentrix/Ascend you may find that only the appointments directly after a break are shown online. This is due to appointment stacking, as mentioned in the heading "Only some of my appointments are showing online?" above. There is currently no 'appointment stacking' checkbox you can click to overcome this as there is in Exact.  It will typically mean the first available appointment of the day, and the one after your practitioner returns from their lunch break are the only ones shown online. If you enter a new booking into your diary, the next appointment time after that one will then display, and so on. You can also manually enter breaks into your diary to display the appointment time after the break online. 


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