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Our integration with Nookal requires that all the appointment types you have listed on HealthEngine are linked to an appointment type in your Nookal PMS (known as services).

If you have a HealthEngine appointment type created that is not linked to a Nookal service the booking will fail.



You also need to ensure that the appointment type length in HealthEngine matches the length of the Nookal service you are linking it to. In Nookal, this is known as duration.



My Nookal services are not showing up In the Linked PMS Appointment drop down

If you don't see your Nookal services listed in the drop down we will need to do a refresh of your appointment types - please contact support to refresh your Linked PMS Appointment list. Once our support team have actioned your request they will let you know that you are now able to link your appointment types.

If you need further help understanding your Nookal integration please contact our support team.

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