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The Bookings Page of your Practice Admin is where we keep a record of all your bookings made on Healthengine! From this section of Practice Admin, you can review any upcoming or past appointments and view patient details. 

To access this page, navigate to the 'Bookings' tab in your Practice Admin portal.


Here you will see a summary of your bookings for the current month as per the default. The total number of bookings is displayed on the screen as shown below with options to re-order these bookings in accordance with:

  • The date of the appointment
  • The date the appointment was booked
  • First Name
  • Last Name



To see a more detailed summary of a customer's booking, simply click on their name to see the expanded view. You can also use the arrows to move up and down to see the next booking.



How to Use Filters

Filters are a great way to customise your bookings result page to help with reconciling and reporting of your store as well as printing your daily Run Sheet. 

To apply a filter, select the 'Apply Filters' button which will then open a number of filtering options for you to choose from.



Filtering by Dates

Your first option when filtering is to filter by either the month, a date range or for all of time - if you select to filter 'By range' please note that this will automatically take you to the current days bookings.



Filtering by Customer Name

Using the 'Patient name' box, you can quickly search for a patient by their first, last or full name. This is great feature for when you have a patient come in or call wanting to cancel or reschedule their appointment.

Please Note: Be sure you have the appropriate date filtering selected before searching! You can also see the customer's booking history by searching for their name and selecting the 'All time' date filtering view.




Filtering by Advanced Options

After you have chosen your date range or entered in a customer's name you have the option to narrow down your list even further by the following filters.


Booking source

  • Your web plugin - bookings made on your website.
  • HealthEngine network - bookings made on the HealthEngine marketplace
  • Practice - bookings made by your staff or anyone who has access to Practice Admin.








Booking Status

Please Note: Be sure to filter out your cancelled appointments before printing off your run sheet. Alternatively, you can create a follow-up call list by showing only cancelled appointments.



Patient Type

This is a great way to see how many new and return customers are booking online with your store.
Please Note: These results rely on the patient and staff selecting the correct option at the time of booking.



Attendance types



Attachment Type

This filtering option is for customer's who have filled out necessary forms for your store such as pre-screening forms or new patient forms.



Once you have applied your filters, select 'Apply filter' at the bottom and allow a few moments for your filters to be applied to your booking results page.


Exporting your Booking List via CSV

To export your bookings list as a CSV, click the 'Export to CSV' button located at the top of your Bookings feature page. This will generate a CSV file that will download straight to your computer - you can find this file in your downloads folder. 

Please Note: Use the filter options before exporting the CSV to reduce the size - large files may take longer to load or cause errors.



If you experience any issues or need assistance with making changes, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team via phone, chat or email 

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