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We know that invoices can be confusing at the best of times and so, the 'Billing History' section within your Practice Admin portal gives you a breakdown of your expenses and lets you view your Billing Anniversary and Invoice date!

To have a look at your invoices, navigate to Account within your Practice Admin portal, then select 'Billing History' and finally 'Invoice History'.




You'll be presented with a new page that will show you your latest billing information for your practice along with invoice dates, invoice numbers and anniversary dates. If you want to view a specific invoice you can simply click 'View Charges' next to the relevant Invoice Number.


You will be provided with a product breakdown so that you can make sense of the total invoice amounts. If there are any new patient charges associated with your Patient Connect subscription, you will also see an itemised breakdown of those charges.


Please Note: If you have multiple practice locations you will only be able to view the billing history of the practice location that you are currently logged into. In order to view billing information for another practice, please log in to the Practice Admin account for that location.

If you would like to speak with our Accounts Team regarding a specific invoice payment or updating your payment details send an email to with your information or call us on 1300 377 639 and select Option 1 to speak with a team member. 

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