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If you are having trouble publishing availability using Coreplus there are three areas in Coreplus to look at.


Is the practitioner enabled to publish online?

If you have added a new practitioner since first being set up, it may be that that practitioner hasn't been enabled to publish online. In Coreplus, go to Setup > Settings > Practice Profile > User Profile. Use the drop-down box to select each practitioner who wants to publish appointments, and make sure the Publish checkbox is checked. You need to click save for each one.

*It's also important that the practitioner has their specialty checkbox ticked under specialties. 


Is the practitioners schedule enabled to publish on Healthengine?

The other setting you want to look at is in the practitioner's Coreplus schedule.

Go to Calendar > Availability Schedule (left column) > View Schedule. For every schedule, for every practitioner, make sure the Publish to > Healthengine checkbox is checked if they want it to be published. Please note, In order to edit an existing schedule your calendar must be in Day View not Week View, and you must be on a date where the schedule is active. 

*In the schedule it is also important that a location is selected for us to publish your availability. Each Coreplus location can only be linked to one Healthengine location, so ensure you are using the location currently configured for your integration.



I deleted, or haven't yet created an API key, how do I get one to send to Healthengine?

What connects your Coreplus to Healthengine is the API key that would have been generated to complete your installation. If you have accidentally deleted this, it will sever the connection to Healthengine and you will no longer be receiving your bookings. To create a new API key, go to Setup > Add Ons > Healthengine. There should be an Access Token there, if not there should be a button to generate one. Check the expiry date is valid, if not you can click the button to generate a new one. Copy the Access Token and send this to Healthengine support so that we can link your Healthengine profile to your Coreplus. 


For further assistance please contact our Support team through Live Chat via the 'Help' button at the bottom right-hand corner of your PracticeAdmin portal.

Our Live Chat opening hours are Monday-Friday from 7am to 4pm AWST.

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