Praktika Integration and Troubleshooting Follow

Benefits of the integration for your practice?

  • We connect to your Praktika software via API, meaning we do not require access to any server computers, and there is no software to install. This eliminates issues that can arise from hardware or server connections.
  • The integration will automatically insert booked appointments into your Praktika diary.


How does it work?

There are two types of Praktika integration, known on Healthengine as V1 or V2.


Praktika V1

The original version involves painting your calendar with Healthengine availability, this is known as Praktika V1.

  • Availability in Praktika V1 is handled by tagging an available range in your Praktika appointment book with HealthEngine slots. This is similar to making appointments available online in other practice software:
  1. In Praktika, choose availability from the menu on the right (this switches to editing availability).
  2. Select the preferred practitioner by clicking their name below the availability menu.
  3. Create an available range for the selected practitioner by dragging out a time range on a specific day (each practitioner will have their own colour).
  4. Select HealthEngine under the list of doctors and create slots by clicking (optionally dragging) in the created availability for the practitioner.
  5. Repeat creating slots for each appointment time you want published on HealthEngine 
    • Each slot will be tagged with a HealthEngine logo
    • Each slot maps to an appointment availability on HealthEngine
    • If you make them longer or shorter, they will still only be one appointment on HealthEngine.
  6. Save the availability and propagate for however many weeks ahead is desired.
  • In your Healthengine portal, you can edit the appointment types selectable for each practitioner. The length for your appointment types should be set to 0 or 5 as we do not allocate that length to the appointment in your Praktika diary - the integration will instead allocate whatever amount of time the slot you created in Praktika is for. We recommend keeping all slot lengths the same length that can accommodate any appointment types you have added on Healthengine.
  • When a patient chooses one of those appointment types online, the integration will automatically insert the appointment into your Praktika diary, at whatever length the Healthengine slot in your Praktika diary was created for.
  • If you are also using the Praktika online booking system on your website, please use rules to create the availability for that so that you are also able to create the Healthengine slots at the same times.
  • Please note that our Praktika integration does not support online cancellations. If a patient wishes to cancel their appointment they must contact your practice so that you can cancel the appointment yourselves by deleting it from your Praktika diary, and recreating the Healthengine slot in your Praktika diary for a new patient to book in.

Further V1 Troubleshooting

  • It is important to ensure that your appointment types on Healthengine don't have appointment lengths that are longer than the slots you are creating in Praktika. If so your appointment times will not be displayed as the system will believe there is not enough time available to book any of your appointment types. We recommend keeping your lengths on Healthengine set at whatever slot length you use in Praktika. 
  • Your location in Praktika must have geo coordinates set in Praktika in order for our integration to pick up the location. If you do not see geo coordinates in Praktika for your location, contact Praktika directly to have those added.
  • Your Praktika subscription must not be a read only version - that means you do not currently have the capability for online bookings.


Praktika V2

The new version of Praktika is known on Healthengine as Praktika V2. This integration uses the rules based system in Praktika to define availability and has some additional integration requirements to the V1 version.

The V2 approach needs a 'new combined API key' to work properly. If you were on V1 and move to V2 and the new rules based system, please let us know so that we can update your API key to a new combined API key that accommodates V2 setups. Your existing V1 API key will still work, but might not pick up all multi-booking-system availability.

This version also has the following requirements:

    1. Ensure Appointment types are enabled and setup to publish online (in Praktika) under Management > Online Booking > Appointment Types.
    2. Practitioners are enabled and setup in Management > Practice Staff
    3. Rules are setup under Management > Online Booking > Rules.
    4. You have enabled rules under Management > Online Booking > General and ticking ‘Rule Based Slot Allocation (V2)’

The screenshot below shows the appointment types tab in Praktika, this is where you can set what appointment types you offer, and we will sync those types through to your Healthengine portal. They must then be linked to your Healthengine types in the Linked PMS Appointment drop down (found on the practitioner types page of your practice admin portal) to allow us to insert booked appointments into your Praktika diary.


The next screenshot below shows how rules are set in Praktika -  the green indicates a rule has been set and the drop down with the red outline shows that you will allow all your online booking types during those times. 

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 2.48.18 pm.png

Further V2 Troubleshooting

Upcoming appointments not publishing

Praktika has a minimum threshold for their online bookings. Please follow below instructions in the event you need to change from their default 1 hour.

  1. Select the Management tab at the top of the screen → Practice Details.
  2. Down at the bottom of the screen Practice Details page, you will see the Custom Settings sections.
  3. Select Online Bookings and adjust the Booking minimum threshold accordingly.
  4. Select Ok.
  5. Wait for a refreshed sync log to pull through.

Failed Bookings

If bookings are failing please ensure the PMS appt type your Healthengine appointment types are linked to is valid and has a matching length to what is set in Praktika, otherwise failed inserts may occur.

You should also ensure that your online booking rules in Praktika allow the online booking type you have linked to in your Healthengine portal (the type that is failing to book)



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