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Availability in Praktika is handled by tagging an available range in your Praktika appointment book with HealthEngine slots. This is similar to making appointments available online in other practice software:

  1. In Praktika, choose availability from the menu on the right (this switches to editing availability).
  2. Select the preferred practitioner by clicking their name below the availability menu.
  3. Create an available range for the selected practitioner by dragging out a time range on a specific day (each practitioner will have their own colour).
  4. Select HealthEngine under the list of doctors and create slots by clicking (optionally dragging) in the created availability for the practitioner.
  5. Repeat creating slots for each appointment time you want published on HealthEngine 
    • Each slot will be tagged with a HealthEngine logo
    • Each slot maps to an appointment availability on HealthEngine
    • If you make them longer or shorter, they will still only be one appointment on HealthEngine.
  6. Save the availability and propagate for however many weeks ahead is desired.

It is important to ensure that your appointment types on HealthEngine don't have appointment lengths that are longer than the slots you are creating in Praktika. If so your appointment times will not be displayed as the system will believe there is not enough time available to book any of your appointment types. We recommend keeping your lengths on HealthEngine set at whatever slot length you use in Praktika. 

Please note that our Praktika integration does not support online cancellations. If a patient wishes to cancel their appointment they must contact your practice so that you can cancel the appointment yourselves.

Your location in Praktika must have geo coordinates set in Praktika in order for our integration to pick up the location.


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