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What's changing?

As of 1 December 2019, we’re updating the booking credit process to retire the ability to submit new patient connection fee credit requests for;

  • Not New Bookings (returning patients who identify themselves as a new patient at the time of booking)
  • Practice Initiated Cancellations (cancellations not made by the patient via the HealthEngine app, email or reminders)

At the same time, we’ll also be introducing product solutions to support the transition.

Why the change?

We're making this change to make your life easier, by simplifying part of a longstanding point of frustration for our customers - the booking credit process. 

This process has seen practices having to spend an excessive amount of time to manage only the smallest portion of their HealthEngine bookings. We want to give that time back to your team, and so we’ll be combining these changes with product solutions to help practices transition.

How will HealthEngine support us as part of these changes?

To help ensure an easy transition for your practice, we’ll be doing the following;

To support the retirement of not new credits; this change will coincide with the release of new auto-detection rules, which will correctly identify the majority of the bookings you would’ve previously had to submit a Not New credit request for.

To support the retirement of Practice initiated cancellations; we’ll continue to provide solutions to help welcome patients into your practice (like booking reminders), as well as more booking experience improvements and education to help patients attend their appointment, or cancel correctly if they can’t.

How will this impact our new patient connection fees?

There will be little to no impact for practices.

  • Not New and Cancellations account for only a very small portion of total HealthEngine Network bookings
  • New auto-detection will be in place to correctly identify the majority of Not New bookings practices needed to previously submit a credit claim for.

What isn't changing, is our commitment to doing what no one else can - delivering confirmed bookings by connecting you with the largest network of patients in Australia. And as always, we'll continue to provide you with all your existing patient bookings, and any new patient bookings via your own website, with no fee at all.

What happens to any Not New or Cancellation credits submitted before 1 Dec 2019?

Any submission made prior to 1 December 2019 will still be accepted and reviewed as usual. It will not be possible to submit after that point, including for any appointment dates that occurred prior to 1 December.

Will anything change in our Practice Admin?

Yes, on December 1st we’ll be updating the Bookings page in Practice Admin, and among those changes the ability to submit Not New and Cancellation credits will be removed. 

We’ll also provide practices with more info about the page changes in the coming weeks.

How does HealthEngine currently charge?

HealthEngine currently charges a 'New' patient based on the way that a patient answers this question below, stating this is their 'first-time' visit to the practice - not on if it creates a new patient file in your system. 



How will HealthEngine recognise a ‘Not New’ patient?

HealthEngine now automatically detects the majority of 'Not New ' patients, when a patient is booking in with a practice as a new patient but they have actually booked with that same practice through HealthEngine in the past (a so-called “Not New” booking). 

This is based on comparing the details of the current booking with all of the practice’s past bookings, we will look to match criteria such as; First Name, Last Name, Mobile, Date of Birth etc. 

If however, the patient you believe is a 'Not New' but they fall outside of this automation, the charge is applicable.

How can we avoid any new connection fees for patients that call or email us directly to cancel?

In the unlikely event that a patient who booked via HealthEngine happens to call your practice to cancel, they simply need to be advised to cancel their appointment via either the HealthEngine app, email confirmation or appointment reminders.

We also recommend that you always ensure your practice policy (including any relevant information about cancellations) is up to date on your HealthEngine Network profile.

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