How do I use the Help Widget and Live Chat? Follow

Getting technical support has never been so easy and quick; you can simply use the Help Widget near the bottom right when you are logged into your Practice Admin. The Widget provides HealthEngine Help Center search functionality, Live Chat and Offline Messaging.



When clicking the Widget, you will be greeted by the HealthEngine Support Bot; you can ask the bot questions using conversational language and you will be presented with 3 suggested Help Center articles. If you click on the articles, these will display in the widget page - if the article is not helpful, simply click the "No, I need help" button and 


If you are unable to get the required support via the Help Center, you can click the "Get in touch" button and request either a live chat with one of our Support Experts (available between 0700 and 1500 AWST) or leave an offline message and the team will get back to you.



If you get stuck, you can still contact our support team via email:

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