Have you received notification about a drop in publishing? Follow

Have you received a notification that your availability published to Healthengine has recently dropped off?


If this is because you are busy and your appointment book is full then this is great news!


However if there is another reason for the drop we want to remind you that more availability equals more people seeing your appointments and more bookings


Our research shows that patients are mostly looking for a time that suits their needs, so please don’t limit your available appointments online. If you are using Sidebar and Calendar, click here for a reminder on how to publish your availability. 


If you are using integrated software and think there may be a technical issue affecting your online availability please check our integrations troubleshooting articles in the Help Centre here and reach out to our support team if further assistance is required.


We want to ensure that you are getting the best out of Healthengine so please don’t hesitate to check out our Help Centre articles and videos if you need more training. 

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