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Our newest feature now allows you to request to change which tier of either the Patient Connect or Practice Efficiency Suite subscription you are on through the Subscriptions page in Practice Admin.


Please note that in order to use this feature you must already be subscribed to either Patient Connect or Practice Efficiency Suite tiers.


How to do it:

To change your subscription tier, first navigate to the subscriptions page under Account > Subscriptions as shown below.




From there, just click on the “Change my tier” link next to the bundle for which you wish to change tier as shown in the first screenshot above. 

This brings up the available tier options, including features available on each tier and the associated pricing.

You can then pick which tier you would like to change to by clicking the relevant “Upgrade to” or “Downgrade to” button. Doing so brings up a consent screen in which you enter your name and contact email and check a checkbox to acknowledge that you consent to the change.



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