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It's important to ensure you keep your notifications settings updated so that you are receiving any emails from us regarding loss of the connection to your appointment book, as well as booking details and important updates. See the information below to learn how to:


Adding an email for notifications

To add an email that you receive notifications to, simply log into your practice admin portal and click on settings> notifications. 


On the notifications screen, you can add, remove, or edit the emails you are using for your notifications, as well as which specific notifications each email address receives.

To add an email address for notifications, simply click the 'add a recipient' button.


You will then enter your details, including email address, and contact name. The contact name can be the name of the individual, or if its a group email, the group name, eg. Reception, Support etc. When you click add recipient you will see a green tick to acknowledge the recipient has been added successfully.




How do I change my primary contact?

You will notice in your notifications that there is a gold star next to one of your email addresses, this is your primary contact. There must always be a primary contact email address, so you will notice that you cannot delete this email address without first selecting a new primary email contact.


To change the primary email address, simply click the star outline next to one of your other email addresses. If you don't have any other email addresses listed, add one first and then you will be able to change the primary contact. 


You will be asked to confirm your change before you proceed. 



How do I stop receiving notifications to an email address?

To remove an email address from receiving notifications, simply press the trash can next to the email address. You will not be able to remove the email address if it is the primary contact, so see above if you need to change your primary contact first.  



Can I turn off certain notifications?

Yes. You can completely customise which notifications go to which email addresses. To edit the notifications received for each email, simply press the little pencil next to the email address to change to the edit mode.


You will then be able to edit the name for the email address, along with which notifications are received. To switch on or off any particular notification, just use the toggles. Green means it is active and red means it is not. 



I am missing notifications as they are going into the promotions or social folder in Gmail

If you are using a gmail account for your notifications you might find they are going straight to your promotions or social folders and this can sometimes mean you miss the notification or don't get your usual alerts that you get when an email arrives in your inbox. To resolve this, find one of the HealthEngine emails and drag the email to your inbox. A popup will ask if you want all HealthEngine emails to go to the inbox, click yes. This will then mean future HealthEngine emails will be delivered to your inbox instead.


Important information to consider when managing your notifications.

We use the email that you add to your notifications to inform you of important product updates, loss of connection to your server, and booking details.

If you do not add any email addresses to your alert notifications you could be in the dark about loss of service. If you are using integrated software we strongly recommend having the alerts notifications added to an email address that will have access to your server computer if the appointment connector needs to be restarted. They will receive email instructions on how to get your bookings back online should that occur. 

We also strongly recommend adding the booking notifications to one of your email addresses. If you are worried about the amount of emails you will receive, you could set up a new email address specifically for these, or use the filtering options in your email to move these to a bookings folder. 

The reason these are handy is because if there is ever an instance where the booking fails to insert into your appointment book for some reason, be it loss of connection to your server, or multiple appointments being booked at exactly the same time, you will still receive the email notification with the booking information so that you can manually add them to your appointment book.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your email notifications up to date, and accurate. Remember to check back in there from time to time to ensure the email addresses are still current. 


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