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Everything you need to know about Telehealth on Healthengine

About Telehealth on Healthengine

Telehealth services have been active on the Healthengine platform for over 3 years, available through provider listings. Based on patient feedback, we now offer a dedicated space on our Healthengine app for patients who are interested in this service.  This next step ensures that the telehealth offering delivers a more streamlined experience to both the patient and the telehealth provider.


Why does Healthengine offer telehealth?

We have always recognised the need for telehealth options for Australian patients, whether remote, regional or metro, and the opportunity to fill healthcare gaps that may arise due to timing, location or situation. 


Healthengine is first and foremost a healthcare platform that connects patients and providers. We have been doing this for many years with both brick and mortar practices and telehealth providers, and are always identifying opportunities and new emerging technologies that will allow us to continuously deliver a better care experience to our patient users and give them a choice for their care.


How do patients book telehealth appointments on the Healthengine Network?

Currently, telehealth appointments can be booked in our Telehealth category on the Healthengine app.

What are the changes to the way telehealth is used through Healthengine?

By re-establishing telehealth into Online Healthcare we are providing a simpler version of this feature for patients. We are able to educate the patient on what telehealth is, it’s benefits, and what you cannot do as a patient throughout the booking process, improving the experience for the patient, and decreasing the number of patients who do not turn up or cancel a booking. 


Previously patients would have to fill out two booking forms, one with Healthengine and one with the telehealth provider, and then organise a time for the appointment. Our new bookings flow allows the patient to book, schedule, and pay for a telehealth appointment from within the Healthengine app, providing a much better experience for the patient. 


Who is providing the telehealth services?

For the start of this dedicated telehealth offering, we are working with two leaders in the Australian Telehealth space; Hola Health and 24-7Medcare. Both have a strong network of AHPRA registered doctors who specialise in consults via telehealth.


How is this not in competition with patients visiting and booking appointments with a GP?

Telehealth is available for patients where a traditional visit to their GP is not suitable. Continuity of care continues to be of the utmost importance to us, and one example of how we support this is through Healthengine’s My Care Team feature. With the simple touch of a button, patients can instantly add your practice to their My Care Team directly from the Healthengine App – meaning your practice will appear on their home screen every time they open it. Please read more on My Care Team here.


Do patients need any particular technology?

This varies depending on the telehealth provider, but consultations can be conducted on devices running iOS or Android, or in a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Patients should have a stable and reasonably fast connection to maintain a good video experience as part of the consultation.

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