Where to find Australian Health Department updates, resources and notices regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) Follow

We have compiled the most important Australian Health Department updates, resources and notices regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) below for your practice:

  • Read the CDNA National Guidelines for public health units, here.
  • View the Australian Health Department coronavirus (COVID-19) alert page here.
  • View a list of resources for health professionals, including pathology providers and healthcare managers here
  • See the list of countries and regions considered to pose a risk of transmission for coronavirus (COVID-19) here. 
  • Read the Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy’s letter to doctors about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak here.
  • Also read the Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) here.
  • For information regarding the epidemiology of cases in Australia and overseas, read the weekly epidemiological reports here.

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