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In a 2020 survey of approximately 1,200 Healthengine patients, over 80% said that they were more likely to book appointments with a dental practice who displayed pricing information on their profile over one that doesn't. In fact, 58% of patients expressed that in the past, they've avoided making dental appointments due to the uncertainty surrounding costs.

By updating your Healthengine Practice Profile to display examples of treatment costs including bundles, you can improve the experience of your patients and your booking performance.


Adding, Editing and Removing Treatment Costs

Fortunately, adding and updating your treatment costs is a self-serve feature! To access this feature, simply log into your Practice Admin and click on 'Practice profile' and then, 'Treatment Costs'. 



Adding Treatment Costs

To add a treatment, simply click the 'Add a treatment' button as seen below and provide the necessary information. Following this, click 'Save and publish' for this to publish on your Healthengine Practice Profile.


When adding a treatment, you'll be able to search by ADA code or name, modify the display name and enter a treatment price as seen below:



Please Note: Only treatments saved with a valid price (numerical only, no characters) will be displayed on your profile – any treatments with their price field left blank will not be displayed. A treatment can only be added once and a price range cannot be displayed for an individual treatment.


If you have different pricing for a particular ADA code, i.e., new/existing patients or adult/child patients, the reduced rate would need to be displayed as part of your Special Offers. You can read more about our Special Offers feature in our Help Centre article, Dental Practice Profile - Special Offers User Guide.


Editing and Removing Treatment Costs

To edit a Treatment Cost simply modify any of the details listed in the 'Treatment Costs' section of Practice Admin then click 'Save and Publish' for this to be updated on your Healthengine Practice Profile. 

To remove a Treatment Cost you will need to remove the price from the 'Fees' field of the Treatment Cost listed then click 'Save and Publish'.


Please Note: You only remove a Treatment Cost that is not included in a Treatment Bundle.

To remove a treatment that has been added to a Treatment Bundle, click the pencil icon beside the relevant Bundle then deselect the Treatment from within the Bundle menu. Following this, click 'Save and Publish' from within the Bundle menu and then delete the individual treatment from the main 'Treatment Costs' page.


About Treatment Bundles

Treatment Bundles allow you to show examples of common appointment types on your profile by bundling together the selection of treatments that might normally occur as part of that appointment, for example, a Check-up and Clean.

While there may be a range of treatments that could occur in a given treatment bundle, select only those that will most commonly occur as part of that particular appointment.

How to Add a Treatment Bundle

To add a Treatment Bundle, click on the 'Add treatment bundle' button as shown below and complete the 3 simple steps to display a Treatment Bundle on your Healthengine Practice Profile.



Please Note: Treatment Bundles are not linked to the actual appointment types that a patient can book with your practice on Healthengine. These are simply a way to help patients understand common appointment types and associated costs.


How to Edit or Remove a Treatment Bundle

To edit a Treatment Bundle, simply click on the pencil icon in line with the Treatment Bundle to make changes such as the bundle's name, description or included treatments

To remove a Treatment Bundle, click on the trash icon in line with the Treatment Bundle.



Patients View of Treatment Costs 

Patients are clearly informed that all pricing published on your Healthengine Practice Profile is indicative only, and may change based on the nature of the treatment and their private health insurer.

Your Treatment Bundles are displayed ahead of individual treatments - patients are able to click and expand on Treatment Bundles for further details and see what treatments are included as seen below:





If you experience any issues or need assistance with making changes, reach out to our friendly Healthengine Support Team via phone, chat or email 

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