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With the progression of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we’re working hard to implement the right features, tools, and resources to help support your practice, and your patients.

The following tools and resources are now live on HealthEngine:

COVID-19 Information Portal:

A dedicated space on the HealthEngine website and app to provide timely, accurate and relevant information to both GP providers and the general public.  The portal brings together COVID-19 content and guidance from Government sources, articles and resource documents, so the latest information is easily accessible in one go-to location. Find out more here.

Patient Screening for COVID-19 on all online bookings

As patients enter the booking flow, they will be asked the following screening questions:



If a patient answers
YES to any of the above, it will prompt them to call your practice and they won’t be able to continue with the online booking. If telehealth appointments are active, they will only be able to book a telehealth appointment.

We encourage your practice to set up telehealth appointments to reduce call volumes and continue to offer care to your patient. Find out more here.


COVID-19 Triage Questionnaire:

Available via HealthEngine site and app, this guided, online survey allows people/patients experiencing symptoms or who have been at risk of exposure, to complete a self-assessment and receive guidance on the next steps for care. Find out more here.


Launching phone/video consults for COVID-19

We are now offering two new telehealth solutions:

  • MBS Telehealth for Practices

We have added the MBS eligibility criteria to our booking form, allowing eligible patients to book a bulk-billed telehealth appointment. We collect the patient's Medicare number and make this available to you in Practice Admin. There is no cost to your practice or patient should you wish to offer MBS telehealth consults.

  • Paid Telehealth for Practices

There may be both patients and/or practitioners who would prefer the option of a telehealth solution, even if the patient is not eligible for MBS. Our Paid Telehealth for Practices product will help you continue servicing these patients in your practice, giving you the ability to offer privately billed telehealth appointments with the patient pre-paying at the time of booking.

Payment is facilitated using our secure payment partner, Stripe. Paid Telehealth for Practices helps reduce administration time and call volumes and protects your practice from DNAs and guaranteeing payment. 


 For more information regarding our new telehealth solution, click here to read our FAQS.


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