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Secure Video Consultations

This video shows you how a practice and a patient connect using Healthengine's Telehealth product. 

Healthengine Secure Video System Requirements

Desktop (Recommended for Practitioners)

We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari (macOS only), or Edge (Windows only). Whilst other WebRTC-compatible browsers and versions may work, we cannot guarantee full compatibility. 














Most computers capable of running the latest versions of the aforementioned browsers are generally supported (as a guide, this should include hardware that is no more than 5 years old). Where cameras, microphones, and speakers are not built into the hardware, it is recommended to connect them to the computer and install the latest drivers available from the manufacturer’s website. On initial use, most browsers will also prompt for permission to access the microphone and camera; this will need to be granted in order for audio and video to be supported in its entirety.



The following table is a guide for estimating approximate data rates required for a telehealth consultation. Actual consumption will vary based on your network and the patients. It is recommended that users be mindful of bandwidth available to the specific device being used for the consultation (this is especially important where a connection is being shared by multiple users/devices).


Data transfer rate in Kilobits per second (Kbps)

HD Audio only (no video)

40 Kbps

Lo-res Video (240x180) + HD Audio

150 Kbps VP8/H.264 (240 Kbps Simulcast)

SD Video (640x480) + HD Audio

540 Kbps VP8/H.264 (865 Kbps Simulcast)

HD Video (1280x720) + HD Audio

1,500 Kbps VP8/H.264 (2,500 Kbps Simulcast)


Mobile (Recommended for Patients)

Please download the latest versions of the Healthengine app from the App Store or Play Store. We also recommend running the latest version of iOS and Android available for your device.


HealthEngine App

iOS and iPadOS (Apple)

Android (Google)


To help your practitioner’s access crucial appointment information related to a telehealth consultation we have added additional capabilities to write a Healthengine note with all the appointment information in the patient record. This enhancement is available in Appointment connector


Which Practice Management Systems (PMS) does this capability support?

This capability only exists for Best Practice, Medical Director - Pracsoft and Zedmed at the moment


What does this capability do exactly?

The capability only adds a Healthengine note with appointment related information in the patient’s file on the PMS.

This information includes:

  • Telehealth consultation URL
  • Appointment date / time

Please note: This capability only writes a Healthengine note into the patient record and no other information is either accessed or transmitted in any manner from the patient record.


If you have any further queries regarding Telehealth, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM), or contact Support via live chat, which is available 7am-3pm AWST.

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