How to Use Your Existing HealthEngine Online Booking System for Telehealth Follow

In this guide we will show you how to set up a standard telehealth phone consult appointment type for your HealthEngine Online Booking System.

The end result is an appointment type showing as “Phone Consult” that will be presented to your patients within the booking flow. This can be set up through Practice Admin self serve. Steps are provided below:

To edit your appointment types, log into Practice Admin 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select ‘Manage practitioners’
  3. Click ‘Edit appointment types’ next to the relevant practitioner
  4. Remove any appointment types you do not wish to keep by pressing the bin icon next to the appointment type.
  5. Update the names of the appointments, and ensure the appointment lengths are set accordingly. 
  6. You can control and set different appointment lengths for New Patients and Existing Patients by ticking the relevant patient box.
    • E.g. 'All Patients' will apply the appointment type & length to all patient bookings, 'New Patients' will apply the appointment type & length to all new patient bookings and 'Existing Patients' will apply the appointment type & length to all patient bookings.
    • Please ensure that any variation of appointment length is in multiples of your standard appointment length; If your standard appointment length is 15 minutes, you would look to do 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes etc.
  7. Once adjusted,  you will see this reflect online in the booking form within 10 minutes.

Please Note that with this solution there is important information that you need to be aware of:

  • Booking confirmation and appointment reminders are sent as per a normal face to face appointment type. This directs patients to attend the practice, complete with directions to your address. We recommend that you contact the patient to confirm that the appointment will be handled over the phone.
  • This workaround does not include the option to capture the patient’s medicare card information during the booking flow. We recommend that you contact the patient to collect this information over the phone.
  • If an existing patient answers ‘Yes’ to our COVID-19 triage questions, then the booking flow will stop and request that they call the practice. 
  • For private telehealth consults you will need to arrange payment with your patients.
  • Your practice will not be included in our patient telehealth search, which includes:
    • Telehealth tag on your profile
    • Telehealth searches for patients
    • Telehealth GP practices 'near you’ suggestions

HealthEngine has launched a Telehealth for Practices solution that solves a lot of the common telehealth specific pain points such as administrative work, customised booking flow and advanced features to improve the patient experience. For more information see below.

Telehealth for Practices on HealthEngine

HealthEngine’s Telehealth solution is designed to reduce the burden of administrative work on the practice whilst providing your patients with the best experience possible.

Below you will see the range of features and benefits of activating HealthEngine’s Telehealth solution:

Customised booking flow:

  • Booking confirmation and appointment reminders for telehealth consultations provide patients with instructions for the consultation. If they have booked the secure video consultation, they will receive the URL link to commence their appointment at the time of the booking.
  • Patients who answer ‘Yes’ to our COVID-19 triage questions will only be presented with telehealth appointments to ensure the safety of both your practice and patients.
  • Capture of the patients Medicare information during the booking flow.
  • For private telehealth consults, HealthEngine can take pre-payment at time of booking.

Telehealth Search

  • Your practice will appear in telehealth searches for patients.
  • You will also receive the telehealth tag on your profile and appear in ‘telehealth GP practices near you’ suggestions.

Telehealth Features

  • Telehealth over the Phone
  • Telehealth over Skype / WhatsApp / FaceTime
  • Secure Australia-hosted Video with zero installation
  • 1-way Video Support
  • Waiting Room
  • Pre-Telehealth Sessions SMS Reminders
  • Basic PMS Integration - Best Practice, Medical Director, Zedmed and more
  • Pre-Appointment Gap Payments
  • Telehealth GP MBS Triage
  • Integrated with Healthengine Network
    • Reach New and Existing Patients from Australia’s No. 1 Patient Network
  • Plugin for your Website
  • iPhone App
  • Android App
  • Existing Patient Email Awareness Campaigns

Existing customer? Activate here.

New customer? Find out more.

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