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HealthEngine has built a new Appointment Connector version,, which will change the way that a HealthEngine booked Telehealth appointment reflects in your Best Practice - ensuring you can effectively manage these consultations.

If your practice is on an Appointment Connector version or higher, a HealthEngine booked Telehealth appointment will now automatically insert into your appointment book with the following changes:

  • Applies Telehealth appointment type icon; as displayed in the below screenshot.


  • Applies a label of 'Telehealth Consult' into the appointment display.


  • Displays what Telehealth appointment type the patient has booked in for in the appointment display.


  • If you are using Best Practice Jade SP2, you will have the ability to start your Telehealth within your software. This can be done by right clicking on an appointment, and selecting Start Video.
  • If you are using Best Practice Jade SP1, Best Practice Indigo, or Lava, you will need to highlight the URL, copy this, and paste into an internet browser to commence the consultation.


  • View of the Telehealth appointment within the patient's file (only with an update to Appointment Connector version


The Appointment notes are also available in the "Change Status" section of the PMS, and the URL can be copied from this part of the software. This can be accessed by right clicking on the appointment > 'Change status'.




This Appointment Connector version is being rolled out to all of our Best Practice clients in stages.

If you'd like to customise the view for your practice, you can link your Best Practice Telehealth appointment type to your HealthEngine Telehealth appointments by following the steps outlined in the below Help Centre article under 'Linking appointment types': 

  • If you have Best Practice Jade SP2, this is how your will be able to start your Telehealth secure video consultation.



  • If you have Best Practice Jade SP1, Indigo or Lava, this is how your will be able to start your Telehealth secure video consultation.

If you have any further queries regarding Telehealth, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM), or contact Support via live chat, which is available 7am-3pm AWST.

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