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Create a routine for yourself and try your best to stick to it
Transitioning from the office to working from home might seem exciting at first, but it can end up being unproductive if you don’t set yourself a good routine to stick to. To maximise your productivity, try getting up at the same time you normally would, use the extra time you have to get in some exercise or time for yourself, then go about your day as you normally would from the office; including breaks, communicating with your peers and finishing the day on time as you normally would.



Make use of apps to communicate - slack, zoom, google hangouts 
We live in a world where we have endless ways to keep in touch digitally, which means there are no excuses to not stay in touch with your team to help with communication within your business. Connecting with your team by chatting through Slack, or video calling each other through Zoom or Google Hangouts - the options are there to ensure you stay organised. Why not even set up a virtual lunch or coffee date with colleagues to ensure you're not just always communicating over meetings about work.



Set up your space
While working from your bed in your PJs might sound ideal, it might not be great for productivity or even your posture. By setting yourself up with a proper desk and chair it can help to make it feel more like you are at work which will also allow you to leave your space for only work, making it easier to switch off at the end of the day.



Take regular breaks
Taking a break from work is something you would do in the office, so why wouldn’t you also ensure you are doing it from home? While it's easy to forget to take breaks at times, it’s even more important than ever to ensure you recharge your mind and body. Even if you can’t leave the house, simply getting up and stretching or making yourself a snack or hot drink can help you step back and recharge.



Stay healthy
Even if you are working from home, there is no reason why you can’t stay healthy and keep active. Use the time you would normally spend getting to and from work on exercising from home, or making yourself a nutritious meal to start your day. Remember, surviving off caffeine or sugar all day might give you quick boosts, but they won’t last long!



Limit social media use
Taking a break while working doesn’t mean scrolling through social media for 15 minutes and then getting back into it. When you are taking breaks from your computer, switch off the screens and go for a quick walk around the block, or try doing stretching exercises or even having a quick phone call with a team member or friend instead to see how they are doing.



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